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Tasmania's rugged coastline is rife with beautiful shells and aquatic treasures and we've spent many an hour strolling the shores and pondering their beauty. Our Marine Collection pays homage to a few of our favourite Tasmanian seashells:

  • The polished seashell ('rainbow kelp shell' or Phasianotrochus Irisodontes)
  • The spiral seashell ('little dog whelk' or Nassarius Nigellus)
  • The scallop shell 
Maireener Shell Necklace  Scallop Shell Necklace Pendant

A symbol of connection
To us, this shell symbolises connection - found on sandy shores where land meets sea. Where steady meets volatile. Where tides rise and fall, compelled by the push and pull of atmospheric forces beyond our control.

A symbol of innate endurance
Shells also have a wonderful meaning unto themselves. They are a hard, protective outer layer, encasing a soft creature within.

Doesn't that feel like all of us at times, trying to find balance between self-reliance and vulnerability? Like the creatures that dwell in these shells, we each have an innate survival instinct which allows us to thrive despite adverse circumstances.

Nature's beauty
On a more practical level, we were also enchanted by the mariner shell's beauty, and the uninterrupted, feminine curvature of its spiral form. It's also a very small shell, easily missed, unless you're completely devoted to finding natures tiny treasures.

Like all our other collections of fine jewellery, this collection is handcrafted with care by artisans, right here in our Tasmanian workshop. 

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