Why we don't participate in Black Friday

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You may have noticed at this time of year, many brands start sending out colourful emails full of rip-roaring deals and frenzy sales. Here at Tasmania by Claudia, we choose not to participate in Black Friday or offer major seasonal discounts to fuel unnecessary over-consumption.

Our jewellery is carefully created, made for considerate consumption.

Here are our reasons why:

Our jewellery is priced fairly year-round. You can trust that all those who have touched your jewellery receive fair compensation for their skill. We also source quality materials from trustworthy suppliers whose prices tend to remain consistent.

Our jewellery is crafted locally in our workshop, and in many cases, pieces are made to order. Because our jewellery is not mass-produced overseas, we only create what we need and don't keep an excess of stock on hand.

We are conscious of the negative impact consumerism has on our planet. To us, jewellery should hold special meaning in the heart of its wearer. It should last a lifetime and be passed from generation to generation without ending up in landfill.

During this season, we encourage you to consume consciously, seek out local small businesses to support, and to take a moment to reflect upon the special people in your life.

Best wishes from the bottom of the world...

The Tasmania by Claudia Team

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  • Hello.. just wanted to comment on the Black Friday issue. I actively discourage businesses I patronise from participating in these sales as they have absolutely nothing to do with Australia, and the name has awful memories for Australians.. the first horrific fires were refered to as ‘Black Friday’ and every similar event since has a ‘black’ before the day as it’s rememberence title. There is absolutely no reason why we should embrace these sales except for pure commercialism, and I congratulate this business for not buying into that.

    Sakshi on

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