About Us

For Scott and Freya, founders of Claudia Jewellers and Tasmania by Claudia, Tasmania is a place of great significance. It's where their love story began 25 years ago when they met under the moon and stars at a bush dance on Flinders Island.

From the start, it's been a desire of theirs to create a tribute to the place so dear to their hearts. That tribute is Tasmania by Claudia.


Freya and Scott started Claudia Jewellers over 10 years ago. Since then, it has been our desire to make each customer feel special.

There are two promises that underpin the way we operate: exemplary service and quality workmanship.


We understand that purchasing jewellery is a personal and sometimes overwhelming experience.

It is our hope that you will always feel confident that you are receiving the best service and workmanship possible - not just when making a purchase.

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We also recognise our customers are savvy and want pieces that have been expertly crafted from premium materials. We pride ourselves on being able to offer pieces made by artisans with a passion for jewellery and a penchant for true quality.

We continually find inspiration in the beauty of our natural Tasmanian surrounds, use the finest ethically-sourced materials, as well as have expert knowledge in the design and creation of fine jewellery.

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