Tasmanian Black Spinel

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We are excited to share the New Moon range within our Furneaux Collection. 

The hero of this range is the Tasmanian black spinel (often known as 'blackjack'). Plucked by hand from the watery depths of rivers in northern Tasmania, the beauty of this stone is often overlooked. However, once cut and refined by expert craftspeople, its bewitching allure is unmatched.

Through our Furneaux Collection, we have explored the radiance of the moon and stars, with our Luna and Stella pieces...

Now, inspired by the ink black colour of the spinel, we want to pay homage to the beauty that lies in the darkest of nights as the moon's light wanes. 

Our New Moon Luna Ring Our limited edition black spinel dress ring with diamonds


Where is Tasmanian black spinel found?

The spinel featured in our New Moon range has been fossicked from rivers in northern Tasmanian. Historically, this gemstone has often been collected by those in search of sapphires, but discarded as it is seen as rough and worth nothing. However, when cut and polished, its naturally mesmerising allure shines through and makes it ideal to use in fine jewellery.

If you love black sapphire or black diamond, Tasmanian black spinel is a wonderful option to achieve a similar visual effect, while being sourced from our own backyard.  

Can Tasmanian black spinel be worn every day? 

Black spinel has a hardness of 8.0 on the Moh's scale of hardness, making it ideal for everyday wear. With the right care, it should last a lifetime.

How do you care for Tasmanian black spinel? 

Despite being ranked highly for durability, we still recommend treating your spinel with with the same love and care as other treasured pieces of jewellery. 

Learn our 5 steps for simple jewellery care HERE.

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