What is a Killiecrankie Diamond?

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The 'Killiecrankie Diamond' is a form of brilliant white topaz. It is rare, being only found on Flinders Island, a small island in the Bass Strait which forms part of the Furneaux Group of islands. 

It is not a real diamond, however the name ‘Killiecrankie Diamond’ has been used for many years because of its brilliance and resemblance to diamond, and its origin at Killiecrankie Bay. 

Is Killiecrankie Diamond durable?

Topaz (Killiecrankie Diamond) is ranked 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This is ideal for a ring, as it won’t scratch or chip easily when worn regularly. 

How big are the Killiecrankie Diamonds we use?

We use a 7mm stone for our Luna and Stella rings, which is approximately 1.5 carats.

What are its healing properties?

Topaz radiates gentle power that soothes, heals, stimulates, and recharges. It is said to bring an energy that will fill the wearer's life with abundance, peace, and joy. 

It is fabled to be a talisman that promotes wisdom and connection to the spiritual realm.  

Explore the Furneaux Collection, made with rare Tasmanian Killiecrankie Diamond today. 

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