Keeping Your Killiecrankie Diamond Clean

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The Killiecrankie Diamond is an elusive form of Topaz, found only on Flinders Island, off the coast of Tasmania. Like all gemstones, over time as we wear them in our daily life, they attract grease and dirt. 

Keeping your Killiecrankie Diamond ring clean is one of the best ways you can ensure it will last a lifetime.

How will I know my Killiecrankie Diamond needs cleaning? 

Over time, you may notice the stone beginning to look dull and less sparkly. This is because grease from our hands, or dirt and dust from our environment has become caught around the stone. This prevents light from refracting through the stone, making it appear less bright. 

How do I clean my Killiecrankie Diamond at home? 

Keeping your Killiecrankie Diamond ring clean at home is easy. All you need is: 

- A bowl of boiling water
- Dish detergent
- A clean toothbrush (or small clean makeup or painting brush)
- A clean towel

Add a drop of detergent to your bowl of water. Dip the ring and brush in the water, then gently scrub the top and bottom sides of the stone.

Scrubbing the underside of the stone, where it sits in the setting will help to break down grease that may have accumulates from skin and hand cream.

Pat the ring dry with a clean towel and it's ready to be worn.

How to prevent it from getting dirty

We recommend that you take your ring off off while doing the dishes or gardening, or while at the gym. This will help to reduce wear and tear, so your ring lasts a lifetime.

How often to clean it

How often you clean your ring will depend on how dirty it gets. If you wear it daily, consider cleaning it gently every week or two. If you wear it less frequently, be mindful to look out for signs that it may be becoming dull. 

Can I get my jewellery professionally cleaned? 

You welcome to bring your jewellery to our Sandy Bay store at any time. We will clean it in our ultrasonic cleaner while you wait, and will check the setting to make sure the stone is still securely in place.

To learn more about caring for your jewellery, click HERE. 

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