Meet Our 2021 Marine Charm

Posted by Martha Galea on

Meet the newest addition to our Tasmanian Collections - the 2021 Marine Charm. This little pendant features the beautiful rainbow kelp shell, found scattered along Tasmania's coastline.
If you're not familiar with this shell, here are a just a few (of many) reasons we love it. 

A symbol of connection
To us, this shell symbolises connection - found on sandy shores where land meets sea. Where steady meets volatile. Where tides rise and fall, compelled by the push and pull of atmospheric forces beyond our control.

A symbol of innate endurance
Shells also have a wonderful meaning unto themselves. They are a hard, protective outer layer, encasing a soft creature within.

Doesn't that feel like all of us at times, trying to find balance between self-reliance and vulnerability? Like the creatures that dwell in these shells, we each have an innate survival instinct which allows us to thrive despite adverse circumstances.

Nature's beauty
On a more practical level, we were also enchanted by the mariner shell's beauty, and the uninterrupted, feminine curvature of its spiral form. It's also a very small shell, easily missed, unless you're completely devoted to finding natures tiny treasures.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Shop the 2021 Marine Charm here.


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  • Looks beautiful. Love walking along the beach one of my favourite things to do. This gorgeous charm might be on my christmas wish list.

    Mary Bennett on

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