Celebrate the turning of the fagus

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Each April, the Nothofagus Gunnii comes alive in a brilliant display known as the turning of the fagus. We created our 18K gold Nothofagus Collection to honour the enchanting natural beauty of this process.

What is the fagus?

If you're new around here, you may not know that the Nothofagus Gunnii (also known as 'fagus', 'Tasmanian beech' and 'tanglefoot') is Australia's only native cold weather deciduous tree. That's right, the only one... and to make it even more special, it only grows in a few select locations, right here on our island home - in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and Mount Field National Park. 

What is the 'turning of the fagus'?

In April, the leaves turn from green, to brilliant gold, to vibrant red, before falling to the ground in a magnificent display known as the turning of the fagus. And so the process begins again.

The turning of the fagus is one of the most wonderful displays of natural beauty you could witness, and it's uniquely Tasmanian. 

Nothofagus Gunnii - Turning of the Fagus - Photographer: Steve Barker


Our design philosophy

We created our Nothofagus Collection in 18K gold white, yellow and rose gold, to encapsulate changing colours of the fagus leaves. Like all our pieces, they are handled with meticulous care and love by our master jewellers here in our workshop.

Through these pieces we aim to encapsulate the wonder of our island's beauty and provide a token to connect the wearer with nature.


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