Alchemy in Nature: The Turning of the Fagus

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Alchemy is defined as the process of taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Each year, this is precisely what happens in April. At this time the Tasmanian Central Highlands come to life with the changing colours of Tasmania’s last beech, a relic of the days of Gondwana. This process of alchemic beauty is known as the Turning of the Fagus.  

Each year, On ANZAC day (25th of April), wanderers venture out into the ancient forests of the Tasmanian highlands in search of the Nothofagus Gunnii

This is undeniably among the most enriching experiences one can have. To witness the Turning of the Fagus as its leaves change from emerald green to tawny russet and vibrant gold, before falling to the ground is to pay humble homage to the timeless evolution of the earth. 


Inspired by the delicate mystique of Tasmania’s wilderness and our own awareness of the fragility of our environment, we have created the Nothofagus Collection.

To reflect the changing colours of the Turning, we have created the collection in 18k coppery rose gold, vibrant yellow gold and cool white gold 

As custodians of our island home, it is our greatest hope that the Nothofagus Collection will draw its wearer closer to the beauty of Tasmania and inspire them to strive for the preservation of its pristine wilderness.

To help further the conservation of Tasmania’s amazing natural environment, ten percent of each sale in April will be donated to the Wilderness Society.  In producing this collection we have partnered with our friends, Jemima Phelps from Fiddle and SpoonHobart BMW and Smitten Merino.

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